About Veontae

I am a woman of great faith. I am survivor in more ways than one. I have 16 years of spiritual and administrative leadership experience. I have spoken on national and international platforms. I also assisted in domestic violence and homeless advocacy for women. In 2017, I transitioned into full-time mentorship through my 501c3 non-profit organization, The Gift of Womanhood, Inc. In 2018, I began full-time entrepreneurship with my mentorship practice, Project Butterfly Bliss, LLC. My ministry has three focuses;
1) Preaching & Teaching, 2) The Gift of Womanhood, Inc., and 3) Project Butterfly Bliss.

I am known to break barriers down with open and honest ministry. I operate with a keep it real tough love approach and I do not believe in excuses when it comes to living as God designed for His people to live. I am filled with wisdom; sincere love and I truly care for those I am blessed to partner with. I have the heart of a counselor and I like to think that my humor helps to calm the hurting soul. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Rochester College, Rochester Michigan and a Master of Arts in Ministry from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Indiana. My desire for higher education was not pursued because of worldly systems but because I personally believe in the
development of self. It is my dedication to God and my service to His people that positioned me to be ordained and affirmed to the Office of the Prophet on June 30, 2018. I am a spiritual mid-wife who serves with prayer, excitement,
and joy.






I have been married to my husband Larry for 24 years and together we are the Founders and Senior Pastors of The One Church, Clinton Township, Michigan. I am also the mother of 3 girls, Ashley, Khalia, and Kyndall. I also have one son in-law Donte and 5 grandchildren.

In my spare time, you can find me reading and relaxing at the Butterfly Shed, my place of transformation.  These are a few of my favorite things. 




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